Warren Gref


I am SO excited about this year's Weekend Workshop!  Here are some further details.

We have technically been given full run of all of Camino Hall on the campus of University of San Diego.  We have reserved C-153 (larger lecture hall) for all the Master Classes and Annie's movie.  We have the Shiley stage for all of our large ensemble rehearsals, and informal concert Sunday afternoon.  Room 154 will be for the exhibitors.  We also have 156 for cases and bags, etc.  I am going to shave off 20 minutes or so from each of the ensemble rehearsals so everyone can have ample time to try out instruments, mouthpieces, mutes, etc.  Check-in will be in the lobby of Shiley.  If it is warm enough, we can have our pot-luck out in the courtyard just outside on the picnic tables.  PARKING IS FREE ON WEEKENDS!!!  Street parking is easiest, but when that fills up, participants can either park under Building 5, Hill Hall, entering from the back (north) side, or in the lot in front of Building 19.  Camino Hall is Building 16.  Hopefully, we will have some signage out to help direct you.  Please feel free to take lots of photos (no flash, please) throughout the weekend and post on your favorite social media sites and let everyone know what a great time you are having!!!

My cell number is 760-809-7410 if you get lost or need additional information.

Updates for the Horn Weekend Workshop

It really IS 'all about the air' by Daniel Katzen
We all need air 24/7. When we're at rest, we're relaxed. But when we play, we're working our muscles, abs, throat, brain, tongue and support. The end result is beautiful, balanced, controlled musicality and technique.

Fundamentals: The Secret to Mastery by Dylan Skye Hart 
Dylan Skye Hart will lead you through the basics that he covers in his fundamental routine each day as well as show you exercises he has learned from great horn players over the years. All of this will be related to what he sees in the studio world.

How to practice effectively...for just about anything by Dr. Annie Bosler
Annie Bosler will help you design efficient, effective practice sessions touching on everything from ergonomics to mental rehearsal to the length of time needed in a practice room. 

​Ion Balu, Dan Vidican, and Mark Atkinson will all have horns, mutes, mouthpieces on exhibit at the Workshop!  I received an email just this morning from Ion asking if he and Dan could have an exhibit of their products at my Workshop.  Since they were going to have a display, I then contacted Mark Atkinson asking if he would also like to have an exhibit, and he eagerly said "yes"!!!  I am thrilled about this - the very first time we will have products to try out during the Workshop!!  Look for Balu Musik, Lucas Horns, and Atkinson Brass on display.  Enjoy!!!

Just this past Friday, I received a text message from Barbara Jostlein Currie stating that she will not be able to give a Master Class during the Saturday morning session of the 3-day Horn Weekend Workshop after all.  She informed me that she was in Chicago and had just gotten her mother out of the hospital, and is going to be spending the entire Thanksgiving week with her mother and would not be back in San Diego for the Workshop.

Within 24 hours, I had confirmation from my friend Danny Katzen saying he would be happy to give a Master Class in Barbara's place.  I am thrilled.  I have every reason to believe that Danny's Master Class will be equally as informative, educational, and enjoyable as Barbara's.  I have known Danny since the late 1970's and I believe we are in for a treat.  Please check out Danny's bio below.  I told Barbara that family ALWAYS comes first before anything else, and that I completely understood her situation.


Special Guests - Daniel Katzen; Annie Bosler; Dylan Skye Hart
Los Angeles Horn Quartet

Spend the weekend at “the most beautiful campus in the nation”
Princeton Review

November 24, 25, and 26, 2017

Music Department - University of San Diego
5998 Alcala Park

San Diego, CA  92110 

Every year, I hold a Horn Weekend Workshop.  We consistently have over 30 horn players and enthusiasts from

all over Southern California.  Past guest artists who have given Master Classes have included Julie Landsman,

John Cox, Dr. Steven Gross, Kyle Covington, Dr. William Lamden and Alice Olsher. 

For the second year, I am going to hold the Horn Weekend Workshop the weekend right after Thanksgiving.  

Just how much football and turkey can one take?  And what could be better after the post-Thanksgiving

let-down than to spend 3 days getting fresh inspiration playing and learning about the horn in beautiful San Diego?  Marching band season will have just finished and high school students will be returning to their concert horns.  Most adults will be off of work the days after Thanksgiving.  A perfect time of year to refresh and renew that love of the horn we all enjoy.

This Workshop is for students and enthusiasts of all ages - from middle school through adult.  This is an experiential workshop – we will all learn from doing.  Horn players of all levels and experience are encouraged to attend.

The price for registration is just $50 a person for the entire weekend (same as previous years).  


The intention of this Workshop is to explore ways in which we can realize the most productivity out of our experience, to make practicing as enjoyable as possible, and to have continued progress throughout a lifetime of horn playing.  The focus will be on creativity, inspiration, musicianship, discipline, goals, our original love of the instrument, and how all of this relates to our daily horn practice.  The weekend will include master classes, horn choir rehearsals, and will conclude with a public performance. 

Topics include:

Focused practice for maximum results
Intention - setting up our targets
Horn playing – easy?  Or difficult? 
Upper and lower registers
Musicianship - phrasing
Air, lips, tongue - each has a specific “job”
Integrating ALL aspects of playing
Musical phrasing - just when playing Mozart?  Or what about a simple scale?
Fast track?  Or slow track?  
​The three physical aspects of playing
The three components of music
Know what you know, and apply what you know to everything you do
New material/information?  Or just something you already know in a different disguise

This year's schedule

Friday, November 24  5:30-10:00 PM
Register, meet/greet – 5:30-6:30
Horn Choir rehearsal – 6:30-7:30
Pot Luck – 7:30-8:30
Performance by LA Horn Quartet and chat session – 8:30-10:00 

Saturday, November 25  9:30 AM-10:00 PM
Group Warm-up – 9:30-10:30
Master Class with Daniel Katzen – 10:30-12:00
Lunch (not provided) – 12:00-1:30
Master class with Dylan Skye Hart – 1:30-3:00
Horn Choir rehearsal – 3:00-4:30
Dinner (not provided) – 4:30-6:30
Master Class with Annie Bosler – 6:30-8:00
Presentation of "Hollywood Horns of the Golden Years" – 8:00-10:00

Sunday, November 26  9:00-6:00 PM
Group warm-up – 9:00-10:00
Horn Choir rehearsal – 10:00-11:30
Lunch (not provided) – 11:30-1:00
Informal master class (review of the weekend) – 1:00-2:00
Horn Choir rehearsal – 2:00-4:00
Break – 4:00-5:00
Public performance – 5:00-6:00​

The goal is to spend a 3-day period with horn students and horn enthusiasts covering numerous topics so that at the end of the weekend, everyone will be able to accomplish more from their practice and playing activities - and enjoy it!  With many years’ experience teaching and coaching horn students and horn sections at all levels, I’ve noticed that there seem to be universal “habits” and attitudes toward learning the instrument that keep people on the “slow track”.  By simply changing one’s thought and approach to daily practicing, I have been able, with every student, to greatly increase the student’s efficiency and rate of progress - thus engaging the student more when they are practicing, and making the learning experience much more enjoyable and even “fun”.  All of this of course also greatly adds to the satisfaction the person receives from playing and studying their chosen instrument.

I will be working with the whole group, but people who would like to play individually during the master classes are encouraged to do so.  Please prepare a solo, etude, or orchestral excerpt and have it performance ready prior to the Weekend Workshop.

For anyone who would like to play a solo piece on the Sunday concert, you should be able to provide a piano accompanist and should have worked together with that accompanist prior to the Workshop.  People who are interested in this opportunity should contact me well before the Workshop and I will select a limited number of solo participants. 

If you would like to attend, please register by sending a check to:
     Warren Gref
     Horn Weekend Workshop 2017
     P.O. Box 893381
     Temecula, CA 92589

You may also call 760-809-7410 for additional information or email warrengref@gmail.com  

Prof. Daniel Katzen began his tenure at the University of Arizona faculty in the Fall of 2008. Previously he spent 29 years as second horn of the Boston Symphony Orchestra and a faculty member of horn and brass repertoire at New England Conservatory of Music and the Boston University College of Fine Arts. He can be heard on virtually all recordings with the BSO and the Boston Pops from 1979-2000, and has also recorded with the Empire Brass and other chamber groups. Prof. Katzen also taught at California Institute of the Arts from 2000-2007, and has consulted with the orchestral program at University of California Music Department in Irvine since 2000. He also has continued to perform and record with various Los Angeles orchestras and film studios since 2000.  Among the films in which he has played are "Schindler's List", "E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial", "Pearl Harbor", "Twister", "Nixon", "Saving Private Ryan" and "Jumanji".

Early orchestral experiences include extra horn with the Munich Philharmonic (1973), the Israel Chamber Ensemble (1974), the Rochester Philharmonic (1974-76), and the Chicago Symphony Orchestras (1975-76). His previous positions were as second horn with the Phoenix Symphony (1976-78) and the Grant Park (Chicago) Symphony in 1978, and fourth horn with the San Diego Symphony Orchestras (1978-79).

Prof. Katzen's education includes a diploma "With Honors" from the Preparatory Department of the Eastman School of Music, a Bachelors Degree "With Distinction" from the Indiana University School of Music and a Masters degree from Northwestern University. His principal teachers were Milan Yancich, Morris Secon, Michael Hoeltzel, Philip Farkas, Peter Damm, Dale Clevenger and Fred Fox.

Studies and performances have taken Prof. Katzen to 25 U.S. states and 22 foreign countries on five continents to perform more than 5000 concerts. In March of 2008, he was featured in his premiere solo recital at the U. of A. as well as his farewell appearance at New England Conservatory's Jordan Hall. He continues to perform with various U.S. Orchestras, including the Boston Symphony.

Daniel Katzen reflects: "My philosophy of teaching is that you cannot force education onto people; they must find it themselves. My job is to help steer students in constructive directions that make it more likely they will learn what's important."

In addition to the horn, Prof. Katzen has studied piano, theory, bass, harp, harpsichord, recorder, Renaissance music, Balkan music and dance, Israeli and Hebraic music and chant, and seven languages. "Panoply leads to worldliness" is a favorite saying.​


Los Angeles native Dylan Skye Hart is a busy freelance musician. Depending on the day, Dylan can be found recording French Horn on music for video games, motion pictures, theme parks, cruise lines and television shows as well as performing a wide variety of music genres including solo, chamber music, pop, jazz, contemporary, and orchestral.

Dylan is very active in the Los Angeles film music scene and is quickly becoming a highly sought after Principal horn. He has recorded films with many great film composers such as John Williams, Hans Zimmer, James Newton Howard, Allen Silvestri, Bruce Broughton, and Alexandere Desplat. Some movie titles that Dylan can be heard playing Principal horn on include Star Wars: The Last Jedi, Ferdinand, The Mountain Between Us, Girls Trip, The Jungle Book, Ghostbusters, X-Men Apocalypse, Suicide Squad, Ice Age: Collision Course, Magnificent 7, and TV shows Orville, Zoo, and Crazy Ex-Girlfriend. Dylan has also recorded albums and made television appearances with music legends Michael Buble, Sting, Neil Patrick Harris, Seal, Stevie Wonder, Wu-Tang Clan, Gladys Night, Yo-Yo Ma, Neil Young, Ringo Starr, and Paul McCartney. Dylan can be heard playing solo horn on his namesake's, Bob Dylan, two recent albums Shadows in the Night and Fallen Angel.

In the summer of 2013, Dylan toured Europe with The Who doubling on horn, trumpet, trombone, wagner tuba, and mellophone. In the same year, Dylan won Honorable Mention in the Professional Division at the International Horn Competition of America. He has also toured with John Williams’ Star Wars in Concert and Eden Espinosa of Wicked.

Dylan maintains an active teaching studio as the professor of horn performance at Cal State University, Long Beach and has been highly sought after as a guest performer and lecturer. In 2014 and 2015 he performed and gave master-classes at Baylor University TX, University of Western Illinois, and several high schools in the Los Angeles area. Dylan was also a guest artist at IHS 46 in London as well as the IHS 47 in Los Angeles.

In the orchestral world, Dylan has performed with the Los Angeles Philharmonic, Santa Barbara Symphony, Los Angeles Chamber Orchestra, Pacific Symphony, and the San Diego Symphony Orchestra to name a few. Dylan is also a member of the Los Angeles Horn Quartet and Modern Brass Quintet. He is the Assistant Producer of 1M1: Hollywood Horns of the Golden Years, a one of a kind documentary film about the history of Los Angeles studio musicians told through the eyes of the legendary Hollywood horn players. 


 Dr. Annie Bosler wears many hats in her career as a Los Angeles freelance horn player, educator, and entrepreneur. She has toured with John Williams' Star Wars in Concert and Josh Groban performing on Dancing with the Stars, The Ellen Show, and PBS's Live from Lincoln Center. She also shared the stage with Ringo Starr and Paul McCartney on CBS's The Beatles: The Night That Changed America. Annie can be heard on many motion pictures, video games, theme park rides, and TV shows as well as seen playing horn on Fox's TV show Glee. She has performed with Chance the Rapper at The Grammy’s, P-Diddy at The American Music Awards, and Wu-Tang Clan at Coachella.

Annie currently teaches horn at UC Irvine and El Camino College, and for nearly ten years, recruited the largest studio within the Colburn School for Performing Arts Winds, Brass, and Percussion Department. She has horn students in almost every major conservatory across the country. In addition, Annie has acted as the horn consultant to actress Shailene Woodley on The Secret Life of the American Teenager.

Named a TED Educator in 2017, Dr. Bosler co-wrote How to practice…for just about anything with Peak Performance Psychologist Dr. Don Greene. The video went viral receiving over 22 million views between Facebook and YouTube. In May of 2015, Annie also gave a powerful TEDx talk about facial rehabilitation and brain plasticity entitled Elissa’s Song: The Power of Face Exercises.

Having held the title of Colburn School Co-Director of Wellness, Annie travels around the world lecturing about wellness for musicians specializing in the areas of positive performance practice (dealing with performance anxiety), instrument ergonomics, mapping the brain to the body, and college prep for musicians. She also produced and directed 1M1: Hollywood Horns of the Golden Years, a one of a kind documentary film about the history of Los Angeles studio musicians told through the eyes of the legendary Hollywood horn players.

Currently the Secretary/Treasurer of the International Horn Society, Annie co-hosted what is considered to be the most successful International Horn Symposium in 2015 with Los Angeles Philharmonic’s principal horn Andrew Bain. Annie holds a BFA from Carnegie Mellon University where she played tennis and a MM and DMA from the University of Southern California.